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Well Inspections, Flow Tests, & Water Sampling

Common services for real estate transactions & preliminary evaluation of well/ pump system

System Inspections & Reports

Getting ready to sell a property with an existing water well? Maybe you are the buyer or agent who needs to see if the existing system will meet your water needs. For many homeowners, being on a well pump system is an unfamiliar prospect. That is why HydroWorks Well & Pump offers a full range of well inspection & flow testing services. Our well inspections are a report that will tell you the current equipment in the system as well as the well depth and water level, and we also offer flow tests to determine the current production of the well.

Flow test reporting

Flow Testing

One of if not the most important aspect of a water well is how much the well itself produces in terms of gallons per minute (GPM). This number is essentially the "speed limit" of your water well, and determines how much water can be pulled from the ground over the long run. A common misconception is people believing the pumping rate equals what the well produces and this is most definitely not the case. By performing a flow test on your water well, we can determine your true well output or GPM. From this we can determine the viability of a pump system, and if it will meet your needs. If you do not have the equipment to do a flow test (no working pump in the well/ no power to well), test equipment can be installed and used for the duration of the test.

Flow testing

Water Sampling

As a secondary service to our customers during well inspections and flow tests, we offer the option of sampling & transporting water from your well system to a qualified testing laboratory. It is important that the right steps are taken to get an accurate uncontaminated water sample from your system, preferably where it first comes out of the well. The water can then be tested for bacteria such as e-coli or coliform, or mineral tests taken to determine viability for irrigation purposes or requirements for a home filtration system.

Well water sampling and testing
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