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High Use Agricultural/ Commercial Systems

Motor Control Systems

If your system runs off timers, electric starters, float controls, limit switches, relays, or any other kind of common pump control devices, HydroWorks Well & Pump specializes in diagnosing and installing motor control systems. Be it 480V 3-Phase with a 120V control circuit or a 120/240V system with a 24V control, we do it all.

VFD Installation & Maintenance

Many larger pump systems use what are known as Variable Speed Drives or VFDs to optimize power efficiency and increase equipment life, as well as providing constant pressure to your system. If you are having problems with your VFD or would like to inquire further about its advantages over a standard pressure switch system to possibly have one installed, call us and we can be your subject matter experts on the topic. 

Dewatering Systems

Many areas in the bay area have a high water table, and that water needs to be removed to prevent damage and flooding. HydroWorks Well & Pump offers services to install or maintain your dewatering system and keep your infrastructure protected.

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